3 Reasons It’s Time To Update Your Website

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August 21, 2018
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October 3, 2018

3 Reasons It’s Time To Update Your Website

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Websites are accessible from anywhere in the world and available 24/7 and it’s often the very first place customers will go to learn about your business. Therefore it’s important the face and first impression of your business is modern, attractive and user friendly. Developments in the web are constantly changing, and there are many ways in which your website may be falling behind. Check out our 4 signs it’s time to start updating your website.


1. Your Website is Not Secure

Imagine customers visiting your website and the first thing they encounter is a NOT SECURE warning. This message could definitely deter, and most likely scare users away.

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2. Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

It is very likely that a potential customer will visit your site only on their phone. If your website isn’t mobile optimized, visitors cannot get things done easily on your website and will often leave the site frustrated. If so, then this is a clear sign it’s time to update.

Mobile Friendly Websites Toronto


3. Your SEO is Lacking

If your SEO is lacking or not done properly then your ranking is probably not so high on search engines. Updating your website with keywords and phrases, as well as improving the organization of your content can be a great way to boost your search engine rank. Aufait has great Search Engine Optimization Toronto packages that can successfully improve your SEO and overall website.

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